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What squeaky doors are saying

Wood cabinets, furniture and flooring are beautiful to look at and warms the room.

In this cold weather as we heat our homes we are are actually drying out the air in our homes. Wood moves as the humidity level changes, the ideal range is between 30% and 40% MC (moisture content)in our homes. If you have ever noticed hard wood flooring seams separate in the winter as we heat our homes this is caused by low MC. This picture shows how bad it can get if your home drys out to much (see the white line going down the right side). This raised panel is actually separating from the frame. We had the customer add a humidifier and lucky for them it worked to restore this panel and 80% of the flooring that was damaged. So when those doors start squeaking take a look at the humidity level it may be because the wood is moving.

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