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Seventeen Years of Service

Building hand made custom furniture and custom kitchen cabinets for seventeen years has been a joy to do with my son. Here is an example of what we do, this cherry chest was made for a wife's birthday present that will be handed down for generations. Plaque on the inside of the lid says "for my wife - her name - and date presented"

It has made me happy to reach out and do this for some really good people I have met along the way. Hopefully we can continue doing this for many more years and fulfill more dreams of having that special something made to mark milestones in our lives.

Having shown this work we did what is the hallmark of service, specifically good service.

I've been told horror stories of what some thought was a good deal that went real bad because of poor service of their products (not caring). Either poor installation, poor finishes and even poor construction. Everyone makes mistakes but having good service means you make it right regardless. Should you pay more for good service, NO, you should expect it.

How can you tell if you will recieve good service, you won't unless you do your homework.

Always get several referrals from the contractor of their previous customers and call them and ask questions (are they on time, would you use them again) referrals matter a lot in construction. After seventeen years we have never had anyone disappointed or want their money back because of the product or service we provide, I take great pride in this fact.

Just remember "cheap isn't good and good isn't cheap"and "well done is better than well said"

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